Buying Sterling printable submission form

Minimum submission size: 200 grams silver content

Name _______________________________________________

Payment instructions (Payment by Paypal is sent within 24 hours of receipt. These terms apply to the first $2000 of any lot, the balance of larger lots is paid within 10 business days after receipt.)

_____ Paypal    Paypal email address: ___________________________
_____ Send a check

Payment address if applicable

Street: ___________________________________________

City and state/province: ___________________________ Zip/postal code: ________________

Phone: ______________________________

Email: _______________________________________________

Submission contents – it’s not necessary to fill this out or to separate your metal unless you want the information for your records

Payout % Grams Sterling Grams Coin
85% ______ ______ any solid piece, lot of matching flatware, or lot of US coins weighing 100 or more grams
83% ______ ______ any solid piece, lot of matching flatware, or lot of US coins weighing 20-99 grams
80% ______ ______ weighted items, pieces 20 grams and under, or US coins totaling less than 20 grams
70% ______ jewelry
Totals ______
Knives _____ 8 3/4”+ _____75/8”-85/8” _____<75/8”

By shipping us metal you agree to our terms and conditions:
1.    Until the metal is delivered to our facility it is your responsibility. You agree to send materials securely. We are not responsible for items lost in transit or lost packages.
2.    You agree that the metal you are sending is yours to sell and you have complied with all
relevant tax and other laws.
3.    Price is fixed at the NY Comex spot close on the day your metal is delivered to our facility.

Printed name: ______________________________________

Date: ___________________

Signature: _________________________________________

Mailing Address:
1955 W Baseline Rd
Suite 113 #447
MESA, AZ 85202-9003
Our contact information:
Phone: 580-550-1110