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Is it Silver

Are My Items Silver?

Silver items are almost always marked with a purity mark of some kind.

The most common is the designation, ‘STERLING’. This is usually stamped into the bottom of solid items such as cups, vases, pitchers, plates, trays etc. On flatware, ‘STERLING’ is generally found in tiny raised or engraved lettering on the underside of the piece.


The second most common markings are British hallmarks. On all but the oldest items, they will include a lion:


Often with jewelry and other items all you’ll see is the purity mark, 925, or .925, or 925-1000:


Unless you choose to have non-silver items discarded, we charge shipping and a $5 processing fee to return non-silver items. Please be sure that all of your items have a marking similar to those shown above.*

For more guidance on silver hallmarks and testing silver, please see our video on this subject. If you’re sending us clearly hallmarked silver,marked ‘925’, ‘Sterling’, or with a British lion hallmark, there’s no need to test your silver before sending it to us. The video will be helpful for people who are sending us jewelry or items with odd or indistinct hallmarks.


*If you have 500 grams or more of non-sterling silver, please contact us for special arrangements if you want to sell them. We offer a 5% lower payout on such items, after adjusting for the silver content. If you ship to us regularly and have less than 500 grams of non-sterling silver you want to sell, please contact us and we’ll work with you.

If you have items with hallmarks that don’t feature a lion, this website is helpful for determining their silver content, if any: And in some cases items have a purity mark other than 925, such as .800, .830 etc.