Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What price is used to determine my payout?
A. The price is locked for your shipment at the NY spot closing price the day your shipment is delivered to us.

Q. How often can I ship you metal and how much do I have to send each time?
A. You can ship as often as you like, so long as each shipment meets the 200 gram minimum.

Q. How quickly will I be paid?
A. You can to be paid within 24 hours of our receipt of your metal if you choose to be paid via Paypal. Otherwise, payments are sent by first class mail (generally 2-3 days in transit) within 48 hours of receipt of your metal. We don’t charge any fees, but Paypal charges a fee for receiving payments.

Q. Should I acid test all of my metal?
A. We have never seen a hallmarked vintage item that was not silver. That said, it is only a matter of time before we see fake silver antiques in large numbers, so we do randomly test hallmarked items. All jewelry should be tested regardless of hallmarks.

Q. If I send an item that is not silver, will I get it back in its original condition?
A. No, conclusive testing damages items.

Q. Should silver coins be tested?
A. All coins vary slightly by weight, even bullion coins are sometimes off by as much as half a gram. But fake coins will either be considerably thicker or lighter than the real thing, or they will just look wrong, with an odd feel to them. They will usually sound different when dropped on a hard surface.

Q: Can I de-weight weighted items myself, so that they qualify for a higher payout?
A: Yes, you can watch a helpful video here. If you de-weight items yourself, please separately bag all of the pieces from each item in a separate plastic bag, so that we can pay you for the full weight of each item rather than the small pieces.

Q. Why do you pay so much less for sterling jewelry?
A. We’ve never processed a jewelry shipment of any size that was free of fakes. Apparently people are hammering a sterling or .925 mark into softer jewelry pieces made of other metals. And jewelry makers were held to lower standards than mints and flatware makers. There is a lot of fake sterling jewelry floating around.

Q. What if I think silver is a good investment – wouldn’t I be foolish to sell it?
A. You can use the dollars wesend you to acquire silver coin or bullion from other sources. Sterling is lovely, but it’s not as convertible as coin or bullion, particularly if commerce becomes rocky.

Q. Is there a maximum submission size?
A. We pay the first $2000 of any shipment within our standard terms (24 hours Paypal, 48 hours to mail a check). For shipments over $2000, the balance is paid within 10 business days unless other arrangements are made by email.

Q. How can I get more than 85% for my metal, and how will I know if a shipment is eligible for a higher payout?
A. If you ship to us regularly, we can pay you an additional 2% net depending on how much metal you submit. If you submit more than 1000 grams in any given month, the next month’s submissions will receive an additional 2% payout, continuing for as long as the monthly submission total exceeds 1000 grams. If you submit more than 2000 grams in any given month, the next month’s submissions will receive an additional 2% payout, continuing for as long as the monthly submission total exceeds 2000 grams. Please note that this is based on the total payout, so you will receive 102% of what you’d otherwise be paid.